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Sogudi for searching via Safari's location bar

KitzKikz: Sogudi

Sogudi is a plug-in for Safari that lets you search your favorite sites from the location bar. This means that instead of having to visit a given site, you can just type a keyword into the location bar, pop in your search terms, and jump immediately to the results.

Hint: If you're going to be following along on our Quicksilver series, I recommend installing Sogudi and acquainting yourself with it; we'll be using it a lot.

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Make your security answer a little weirder

Most sites requiring registration ask you to choose a “secret question” to which only you supposedly know the answer. Of course, in the age of Google, the city where you were born and your mother’s maiden name may no longer be the best kept secrets in the world.

So, next time you register for a site and it asks for your response to a challenge question, choose something that’s completely insane, but really memorable to you.

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TOPICS: Tricks

Oh, yeah..._the name_

A couple people had asked.

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Quicksilver: Grab a copy and play along at home

If you’re kind enough to revisit here in the future, you’ll be hearing about a program called Quicksilver that’s become an important part of how I work with my Mac. I figure since I’ll be talking about it so much, it’s probably beneficial to give you a little lead time in case you’re interested in following along. So here’s a quickish introduction as well as some information and links on getting you started with the home version.

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URLinfo's handy site tools bookmarklet

URLinfo beta || Fagan Finder

Fast access to site and domain infoI’ve linked to Fagan Finder’s URLinfo Bookmarklet before (via del.icio.us), but I can’t resist sharing it again here.

Like most cool stuff, it’s easier to use than to explain, but in a nutshell, when visiting a site, you click the bookmarklet and it gives you instant access to a bunch of popular, very useful web-based tools. Virtually any kind of information you might want about a site or a domain is presented in a well-structured, easy-to-navigate frameset using some smart javascript. Some of the highlights include:

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Using Eastgate's Tinderbox for GTD implementation

Tinderbox Wiki: GettingThingsDone

I haven’t kept up much with its recent development, but I know Tinderbox has been a terrific, versatile application that’s just about perfect for GTD implementation in many ways. Bit of a steep learning curve, but a lot of folks says it’s worth it. I’ve certainly enjoyed tinkering with it in the past, and I still find it very satisfying as a mind-mapping tool and occasional IA app.

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