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@If Context

One of the problems I have is coordinating a particular action in one place so that I can complete it in another. For instance, grabbing a book from the office that is ready to be returned to the library as I go out to get coffee on the other side of campus.

Another similar example is that I meant to give something to a friend of mine, have had it in my pocket for several days now, but forgot to give it to him when I saw him today -- even though we spent a few hours together, eating and talking.

I thought about tackling this with dated tasks, which would certainly help in the situation with my friend, but it wouldn't help in the first example. So I think I'm going to try using @If contexts. An example would be, @If - Going past library, then grab book to take back. Or, @If - You see Mark, give him that thing.





An Oblique Strategy:
Honor thy error as a hidden intention


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