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iGTD2 public Alpha is out

Subject says it all, get it from http://www.igtd.pl/iGTD/iGTD2/index.html

This is definitely alpha software, nothing for real use. But what it shows looks absolutely fantastic to me. It comes with a Leopard'ish interface (in fact, the iGTD 2 alpha runs only on Leopard!).

With V 2.0, iGTD will be no plain GTD implementation anymore. So if you think, DA is the only one to know and following exactly his book is the only way to success, don't read further. iGTD will probably be not for you, you'd better stick with Midnight Inbox or OmniFocus.

iGTD got rid of contexts and instead uses: Ressources, Places, Time and Tags (like Like CulturedCode Things). See the above link for the philosophy behind them. On top of these you can define a set of filters. Combination of filters can be saved as Workspaces (like the Perspectives in OmniFocus, but much more flexible because of the filters). This may sound complicated, but is extremely intuitive. If you dont like trying out the alpha software, look at the movies on their pages.

For me, this is a solution for the context inflation. Eg. take a context like @phone. You could put all your phone calls in it, but if you are like me an could do many tasks by a phone call, so this list might get very long. And it may contain many tasks you could not do now because of several reasons:

  • Calls that could be done only in the business hours
  • Calls that could be done only in a privat environment
  • Calls that you would only do during your work hours (at least important for employees) and so on.

Now we could start and split @phone into several contexts @phone-business-hours-private-environment, @phone-work-time, @phone-private (which would include the evenings) and so on. And in the actual situation, typically more than one phone context will apply, so I had to choose all that apply. But this is just an ugly workaround IMHO.

With iGTD2, I solved this in 2 minutes by defining a Ressource (phone), a Time (business hours), Tags (private, business), defined the filters, made the workspaces and thats it.

I really see a big improvement in iGTD2 and can't wait to see how the alpha makes it into a solid product.

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Studied Computer Science in Hamburg/Germany, got the degree of Diplom-Informatiker (comparable to MSC) Worked in the IT Consulting space for about 10 years, moving from developer to project leader to team leader. Now for >7 years, I am Principal Presales Consultant for one of the worlds larges software companies, focussed on project lead. I am working on optimizing my self management capabilities for more than 10 years.




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