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Newbie implementation Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt...lol

Ok, for your reference file, this is the context in which these questions came about.


I am attempting to learn and implement as much of GTD in 30 days as I can. I figured I would ask these questions here as this a forum more geared to GTD Geeks and Gurus...I appreciate everything!

The first week of GTD was kind of kind of on the overwhelming side, what with trying to start without reading the book. While I recieved my copy on tuesday and have gotten through it most of the way, the book really breaks it down into things that can get confusing as I am sort of not implementing things in a straight up manner.

For instance, Allen talks about looking at your contexts to do things when you are within a certain set of tools and resources, but is he refering to just Next Actions? If you do next actions out of order, then you are kind of screwing up something, right? So I drill down to contexts of just Next Actions...right? I shouldnt be calling someone just cause I am on the phone if I am supposed to have waited for someone else..right?

On that note, I have a project called errands...should I further define these actions as parts to projects, or only if they need another step. For instance, I need those little plastic rings that go around you keys to color coordinate them...theres really only two steps....go to Office Max and get the key labels...so should I just leave it in there, or should I make a "trip to Office Max" project and see if any other errands need to be done there? Thats what my intuition says.

Is it wrong for me to have quickly processed my inbox (I had over 300 items in my digital inbox and another 100 in my physical) and now be looking at the next actions of individial projects and clearing everything up, defining next actions, rearranging actions to correct projects and correcting contexts?

I feel lighter, so I must be doing something right. Right?

As for a trial, I can really see the appeal of this methodology, I feel like this is defined well. I want to give a nod to Nozbe as well....while my 300+ Inbox slowed it down a little, its a pretty flexible little system. Google calendar rocks and the Hipster PDA coupled with Jott is great. I chose good tools, thats for sure.

I am going to be setting up my general refernce file and my physical filing system this weekend...which seems tough.

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