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1Password integration with Quicksilver

MERLIN MANN - If you are out there and happen to catch this post, I beg you to read on, because you more than anyone else would probably be able to give the best input on this topic....

I use a program called 1Password (which is pretty much the freakin' coolest application out there, other than Quicksilver).

For the longest time now, I have been dying to get the developers of 1Password to integrate their program with Quicksilver so that I could use QS to launch any of my saved 'web form' entries (which are basically 1Password database entires that store a URL, and your corresponding username/password for that for that URL - and when a web form is launched via the programs 'Go-and-fill' command, the application will open the specified website in your browser and will automatically log you in, without the need for any user intervention whatsoever).

On the 1Password Forums (here: http://support.agilewebsolutions.com/showthread.php?t=8787&page=2 ), one of the developers of the software (who is also a QS user) has asked for suggestions as to I'd like to see 1Password being integrated with Quicksilver, in terms of any/all of the following:

  • How 'web forms' should be triggered via the Objects>Actions>Argument panes...?
  • How 'Secure Notes' could be displayed (or opened for display in the 1Password App)?
  • How Wallet Items should be displayed (which I think would be great if they were displayed in a similar manner to how AddressBook items can currently be 'browsed into' in QS)?

Other things that I am sure the developer would like to hear about include:

  • Should 1Password be a plug-in for QS?
  • Should 1Password appear in the QS Catalog nested within the Quicksilver--Quicksivler Catalog Entries>Contents...?
  • What QS actions should be either added by, or made compatible with, this application?
  • etc, etc...

IMPORTANT!! - I am also sure that the more people who respond to the 1Password forum post I've listed above, the more likely this implementation will be...

I'll cross my fingers that my post on this forum will hopefully find it way in front of enough Quicksilver/1Password users, and that these people will make their way to the 1Password forum to give their suggestions to the developer and hopefully convince him that integrating the two apps IS something he should definitely move ahead with...

Thanks to all!

FYI: My name is Micah Diamond. I am in no way affiliated with 1Password. I am a photographer, and you can view my website here for additional assurance of this fact: www.micahdiamond.com

I only mention this because I've posted a similar call-to-arms notice on other forums and some users have mentioned that it comes off like spam...Its not!! I am just your average computer user who likes good software, and likes making it better!!

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