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Removing chrome, plus more Safari tricks

Just mentioned in a comment here, but worth repeating since a couple people had asked about the “skin” on Safari shown in my screen shots.

It’s actually not a skin but a “chrome-less” version of Safari, courtesy of a great little app called Safari Enhancer. It lets you—among many things—remove the aluminum/chrome look from Safari. It also lets you hack up things like link style and colors, deactivate the cache, and import bookmarks from a bunch of different browsers. Most importantly perhaps, it can enable a debugging menu under which a wealth of fantastic features await you. (How about “Open this page in Firefox” and “Change my user agent to ‘IE 5’”? Great stuff.)

As long as we’re off on a Safari day, I’ll also mention the other Safari tools I swear by.

  • Sogudi - Raved about here.
  • Pith Helmet - Ad and pop up control. Note I said “control” not “blocking” although it does that too. A truly extraordinary app whose 2.x release lets you control incredibly minute preferences per site, including custom style sheet application and cookie policies. Literally, the first thing I load on top of a fresh OSX install.
  • SafariStand - I’m still getting a feel for everything this does, but I can recommend it on a single feature: source code coloring. So much nicer. Lets you automatically group downnloads by date. Also features its own very sexy bookmark functionality that I haven’t spent much time with. Looks great, though.

One that’s pretty popular with the kids that I don’t currently use is Saft, a plug-in that does Sogudi-like location bar searches, full-screen browsing, kiosk mode, and more. Lot of folks swear by it.

Any I missed or don’t know about that you love?

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Hey if you haven't already...

Hey if you haven't already tried OmniWeb 5 you should. Its got some great time-saving features. It also has the cmd-1 - cmd-9 shortcuts like safari. If you're ever viewing a page of search results or some other kind of page that has a "next" button you can just hit the enter key and OW will try to find it and use it. Also, every page you visit gets indexed. If you ever think "jeez i forgot to bookmark that cool page i saw earlier" you just open the history do a full-text search to find it again.

It's got scary-flexible ad-blocking down to limiting how many times animated gifs get animated.

The workspaces are a superb way to organize pages that you use together. The workspaces can remember what tabs/windows you've got open so if you quit or crash you just relaunch and you're right back where you were. You can also email workspace files to other people.

Another great feature is that you can create search shortcuts from any search form you encounter. I search macupdate pretty often so now I just type "mu blah" in the location bar to search macupdate.com for 'blah'

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