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_Home Comforts_: Illustrated housekeeping pr0n

'Home Comforts Cover' I've been reading this book, Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping House. It's like really beautifully illustrated "Housekeeping Porn." Or maybe what the man page for an immaculate apartment might look like. Anyhow, it's a freaking tome (>800pp.), and it's brimming with stuff that totally turns my crank.

There's something deeply gratifying about detailed line drawings on how to fold your underpants, cheerful advice on choosing the right light bulb, and an entire chapter devoted to effectively ventilating your house. But, some deranged fold of my lizard brain gets most turned on by nine detailed pages on how to wash your dishes.

Set items properly in the draining rack so that water does not pool in them. If you are draining on a towel laid on the counter, set bowls, cups, and glasses so that they tilt slightly. You can do this by making a slight fold in the towel or by setting something relatively flat at its edge, such as a clean plastic cutting board.

I think my wonderfully tidy (and endlessly patient) girlfriend has probably resigned herself to the fact that I only get really interested in something when it involves some kind of fancy system with charts and documentation. So, as far as I'm concerned, this is definitely win-win.

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How Clean Is Your House?...

How Clean Is Your House? is (or sounds like—I haven't read your recommendation) a slightly more lightweight British version of a the same book. It's based on a Queer Eye-like UK TV show.

The mildy Aspergic part of my brain particularly enjoyed the tip to wash glasses first, then saucers, then cutlery, and so on through increasingly dirty crockery and pans. And the Cool Tools bit loved tips like "A quick way to put a beautiful shine on your shoes is by rubbing them with a banana skin on black shoes or the pithy side of a lemon on brown shoes." Their (sadly shambolic) website has more of these sorts of tips (click a name on the left and then "Tips from this show").




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