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Links to GTD Apps, Templates, & Scripts

I’d like to start collecting links to tools, applications, scripts, and templates that people have created for implementing Getting Things Done, and that they would like to share with folks on the web. If there’s something you’d like to see added here, leave a comment with a link and some background information (status, license, platform, etc.), and I’ll check it out. As with our OS X inventory collection, I’ll add the most useful-, novel-, and promising-looking submissions.

While I’m not against linking to modestly-priced shareware, preferential consideration goes to stuff that’s open source, free as in beer, and functionally uncrippled (no save-disabled, “bronze??? editions of your commercial package, please). The idea is to showcase the sweat and collaboration that people are throwing behind a shared interest in GTD.

Let’s help new folks start their year off with some cool tools and innovative solutions for getting started with Getting Things Done.

(N.B.: not to be a kerchief-dropping belle, but I’m going to hang back and wait to hear from a few folks before adding my own suggestions, so don’t be shy about nominating your or your pals’ projects)

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Well, since your recent articles...

Well, since your recent articles on GTD, I've been flinging e-mails back and forth with a couple of friends who are in the same boat (using GTD and reading your site). It's true that your comments about not looking for The Perfect App were spot on - after a while, it gets counter-productive, because you spend more time fiddling with programs, worrying about exchanging data from one to another, and trying to make them fit your way of working, than you do actually being productive. And that's the goal of all this, isn't it - being productive?

So, my tip is simple: learn the tools you have first before looking for others. Whether you are using a word processor or text editor, whether you have a PIM or e-mail program, learn how to use them. Read the manuals; if there are no manuals, read the help files; if these suck, but books (and support computer book authors like me).

How many people actually know 1/10 of the features in a program like BBEdit; Microsoft Word; Entourage; or others? Learn your tools so you can avoid wasting time trying to find programs that do what you can already do.

I'll add another suggestion for OS Xers - learn to use Terminal; you'll get lots of extra mileage out of your work, and you'll have a fast, flexible tool that is infinitely expandable. (I'll hesitate about plugging my book on the command line in OS X; it's neither open source nor free beer...)




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