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Quicksilver <3s Backpack

Web services are going lowercase - Signal vs. Noise

Mashing Quicksilver and Backpack together to create an alternative interface for entering content. It’s very cool and it’s just the beginning.

Quicksilver + Backpack

David’s post points to a terrific Quicktime movie illustrating the kind of interaction you can generate when your small pieces are loosely joined—in this example using Quicksilver and email to seamlessly add items to a Backpack page. Totally slick.

It’s funny, but I still sometimes struggle to explain Quicksilver to people who haven’t seen it in real-world usage by someone who’s adapted their workflow to take best advantage of it—this movie is a great demonstration of how that looks for one person, so I recommend you check it out.

The mind-blowing thing about Quicksilver is how it allows you to adapt or massage your workflow down to a series of minimal movements. Since it can glue together virtually any content with almost any actions that that content can understand, it become like an Erector set for your workflow. It observes how you work and then lets you bind your most common activities to key commands and mouse gestures.

Yeah, yeah I know, most of you are already drinking the Kool-Aid, but I know there’s still a few of you out there shaking your heads. Check out the movie, and consider the small pieces you might want to loosely join.

[Link: Lifehacker]

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Well, I can't seem to...

Well, I can't seem to trigger the Send email directly action either. And I have installed AND updated any plug-in I could think of, and running latest beta (in Beta mode as well) Any clue (sorry if this is polluting the comment)

Merlin, any idea on doing a write-up on how backpackit could help for GTD? (I am a bit wary of relying on an online tool. I am just getting into GTD -at last- and I feel the hipster PDA is a sure way to go ;-) )




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