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Gorgeous, Mac-centric Firefox themes

GrApple - Aronnax`s Firefox Themes

Dang, these Mac-o-phillic Firefox themes are yummy. I've actually been using "GrApple Eos Pro" for some time now, but I'd never realized just how many subtle variations were available.

I'm not sure if it's just a Mac thing -- or even whether it's necessarily always a good thing -- but I really believe the chance of a product's wider adoption amongst Mac users is greatly enhanced when it looks like something we're used to using. Thanks to the broad range of talented hands contributing to open source projects these days, we're starting to see more top-notch work like this from people like Aronnax; stuff that keep us snooty 5ish% very happy and visually dazzled. Good on you. (And a tip of the Mac to Jon for supplying their hosting and cool domain name.)

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It is funny to me...

It is funny to me how the whole MAC vs PC thing is such a touchy subject. Throw the browser wars and the linix crowd on top of that and you get something akin to the Middle East conflict. I am a sysadmin in a mixed win/mac/linux shop and I see several types of people/users every day.

The greatest number don't know and don't care in the least what operating system their computer is running. At best it is just a tool required for their job. For a lot of them it is something to be dreaded and feared like the dentist. Don't understand it, don't want to know how to do anything beyond the minimum to get the job done, just doesn't excite them in any way.

Then you have the kids (I am 53 so kids is a relative term) who want to constantly customize everything, run every music player/downloader, IM app of choice who cannot remember a time before personal computing. They want to chat you up and tell you about their ultimate gaming machine. Most of them don't really have an OS preference. As long as it is fast and they can play with it.

The advertising department is all MAC as expected and so PC phobic that I laugh out loud sometimes.

Executive Staff would buy systems from satan if they were cheap. They generally hate MACs only because it is an easy target because of the relative cost and the level of phobia and whining from advertising at budget time.

Then you have my crowd: IT. Choose your weapon! OS's at fifty paces! You would think that we were talking about a cure for cancer or national security here. The funny thing is how the windows folks crab around and semi apologize for it all the time. The level of devotion and intolerance really does remind me of the whole christian/muslim thing.

I love my job!




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