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Open Thread: The "43 Folders" of health and fitness sites?

Over the last six months or so, I've gotten a lot of requests via email from people looking for (yes, thanks, more than one person called it this) "the 43 Folders of (health|exercise|fitness) sites."

Naturally I set my Google fu in motion, fully expecting to turn up dozens of excellent sites on how to stay motivated about workouts, how to eat properly, and how to psych (or "hack," if you prefer) yourself into straightening out, losing weight, and getting that fat ass in motion.

Funny thing: I came up pretty thin -- and not in that good, healthy, slender kind of thin way. In at least three sittings of searching over the past few months, I just did not turn up more than a couple of independent sites that really blew me away. Really surprising, and maybe I was just looking in the wrong places. Like under a 12-pack of beer and a rib roast.

BUT. I'm sure they're out there, and I can't think of smarter people to ask than you, so you tell me: what's your favorite website or blog about getting healthy? What are your favorite apps for tracking progress and watching a diet? Who's got the best "health hacks?"

Post your faves in comments and help your geeky friends get as theoretically fit as they are theoretically organized.

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Granted, I'm biased, but I...

Granted, I'm biased, but I think in some ways, my fitness blog / pod & vodcast platform / video repository is close to what you're looking for. One article I wrote in particular was straight-up GTD, though usually I keept it to fitness and health.

Since I'm an avid fan of 43 Folders, I'd love some feedback from people reading this comment about how I can make my site more useful and enjoyable.

BTW, I am aware, and I'll warn you ahead of time, that I have a little "salesy" / "hypey" product info in certain places on the site. I know that turns some people off (me included depending on my mood), but it also gets my courses into the hands of people who can benefit (and many have, thankfully).

That said, the majority of the site is hype-free, and full of quality content, with a decidely "behavioral" slant to fitness. (After all, it doesn't matter what you know about getting in shape unless you DO it.) In fact, inspired by people like Steve Pavlina (www.stevepavlina.com), I've decided to make almost everything I do freely available. Still gotta make a living, but I'm definitely turning away from hypey sales letters when I can.

Anyway, here is a link: http://www.jeremymarkum.com/fitness/fitportal/full-entry/getting-things-done-sage-style/

(That references the GTD-ish article, otherwise just go to the main page to access the rest.)

Again, I welcome feedback and input from this community!




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