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MacBreak Weekly: "iPhone Home"

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MacBreak Weekly 11: iPhone Home

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Amber MacArthur, Scott Bourne, and Merlin Mann

The iPhone starts to look like the real thing, and Scott Rejoices. iPod celebrated five years... with a Windows Virus. And dating tips from Steve Jobs.

Running time: 1:22:45

Amber has a fanboy in "Alejandro" (the Spanish webmaster for North Korea), Scott's beside himself about the iPhone rumors, everyone joins in on a very unkind blanket party about what a girl I am, and I get to cuss all I want. Which is awesome.

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Solo's picture

I was listening to it...

I was listening to it on a long bus ride and falling asleep to Leo's voice as he was talking about pzizz. I can't believe you guys actually do an hour + geekout like this.

As Andy Warhol told The Velvet Underground,

"You ought to make things big People like it that way And the songs with the dirty words - record them that way"

Was he presaging the era of 30' screens and Merlin "Potty Mouth" Mann? I like to think so. Keep up the good work, motherfuckers!




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