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The Merlin Show: Chris Wetherell; High-res feed

We're wrapping up our launch week of The Merlin Show with a terrific interview and a new feature announcement.

First, don't miss today's interview with Chris Wetherell, in which we hear how our favorite drumming Google engineer has learned to embrace email mediocrity and has created a "walled garden" using his Treo. Great stuff (and viewable from this page, after the jump).

Next, I wanted to announce the High-resolution podcast feed for The Merlin Show. It's available for subscribing at http://feeds.themerlinshow.com/TheMerlinShowHi (or just subscribe via iTunes).

This feed contains the same content as the iPod-optimized version of the feed, but it's a lot bigger in terms of file size and square pixelage; it is not for the faint of bandwidth.

Either one is easy to subscribe to in the reader of your choice:

Chris Wetherell

Eduardo Ruiz's picture

Merlin Mann, I really dug your...

Merlin Mann,

I really dug your show, man. Your interview with Chris Wetherell was great. I particularly enjoyed how the two of you parsed the perfectionist's dilemma of wanting to have the best research at one's fingertips before engaging in a thread but also actually wanting to be productive. This also applies in general--it is almost always better just to get something done (or just to reply) rather than have something be perfect (or to have prepared every possible resource before starting a project). Reminds me of what some friends of mine used to call "writer's vanity" where the would-be serious writer who does nothing but procrastinate (like myself) is able to keep a lofty notion of himself intact by not writing. Actually writing would force you to know the reality of what you're like on the printed (written) page.

I work on the East Coast at a huge internet company and I'm just beginning to get my proverbial sh*t to gether. Your sites are great. I dig the hPDA and other, relevant, intelligent ways of surviving the "information rat race". Jeffrey Veen's simple, Google-issue engineering notebook, things like that. Where would you recommend someone like me start (I who most recently lived in a small rural area for years and am only now slowly returning to concrete civilization) These techniques remind me of things I used to do in grade school intuitively (when my OCD/creative tendencies had better outlets) but forgot about when I entered the corporate game. Basically, thank you for your work.




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