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Quicksilver's plug-in for Stikkit goes public

Values of n Blog: Stikkit quick with Quicksilver

(Disclosure: Merlin is a proud member of Stikkit’s advisory board)

As Rael writes on the Values of n blog, Alcor has just released his first public version of the Stikkit plug-in for Quicksilver:

The plug-in enables you to send text to a new stikkit, edit an existing one, append and prepend, search by text and tag, jump right to the Stikkit you were after, and more. True to form, QS has again revolutionized the way I use yet another app—this time my own.

I've been using a pre-release of the plug-in for a few weeks now, and personally I think it's just swell. A few little tips and suggestions:

  • Append! - Just as you might do with a text file, you can create a QS trigger that allows you to append (or prepend) text to any of your favorite stikkits (your to-do list, per-person agenda, project list, and list of software bugs are all handy ones to automate with triggers)
  • Tag access - Tags are now your friend, big-time. Start typing, and when the tag you want appears, hit enter, and you'll go straight to a page with all that tag's stikkits; RIGHT-ARROW into the tag, and you'll see all those stikkits in a clickable QS dropdown
  • Proxy mania - Consider how you might be able to use a combination of Stikkit, proxy objects, and triggers to automate transactions like the one shown above and right. Specifically talking about this example, let me assure you: selecting a string of text and hitting one key to silently generate a new stikkit is just badass

Proxies can be confusing to get, so if you missed it the first time around, here's the Merlin Show segment showing how to access an application's menus using QS proxies. Not sure it'll help much with your setup of proxies, but it does give you a flavor of how these amazing, variable-like objects can hotwire your Quicksilver usage like little else.

More at 008: HOWTO: Quicksilver: Application Menus

Addition, 2007-04-11 09:40:56 - I realize I'm remiss not to again link to Robert's super-helpful little guide: Enabling Quicksilver proxies and application menus. Thanks again to Robert for documenting my fast and loose demo!

Paulo Fontes's picture

@Brad Beyenhof Thanks Brad, but i...

@Brad Beyenhof

Thanks Brad, but i tried that already, it really resets the shortcut, meaning it keeps reverting it to command+space!

I really don't know what to do next:(




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