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Difficulties with 'Downloading' what's in my head

I have an issue with "downloading" everything in my head to one page.

1. If I use paper, I lose it or forget to take it with me.
2. If I use a computer and download to a word file, I forget to load it onto a USB drive and can't access it when I go to work or back home.
3. I haven't found a site I like that let's me do this online. Backpack's "notes" take too long to update.

Another issue: No matter what medium I use, I forget to check it. Or, if I'm downloading to multiple places, I forget where I wrote down my thought when I need it.

Has anyone found a good solution to this? Maybe another site that is faster than Backpack and preferably free?


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I had a problem with...

solidsnot wrote:
I had a problem with this but am now kicking the crap out of it.
I use a hPDA to carry around with me all day and write stuff down on, check off things I've done, etc. I then (either in the morning or evening, or sometimes both) "sync" it with Kinkless. After this is accomplished I print out on my handy 3x5 cards my list of Projects and Actions. I find that using a lofi and hifi system makes me do a review daily which helps me stay on top of what I need to stay on top of. :)

Daniel is exactly right here. A lofi/hifi approach works well. Generally all of us tend to require some sort of lo-fi device and some sort of hi-fi device at the same time. When we're away from our desk/computers, the hi-fi isn't available for input, so we carry an extra in-box and perhaps even lists/calendar in our pockets... never to be without an input device... but when we get back to the desk, and we need to organize/sort/alter- the proper flow-chart sequence, etc., begins, and we get things organized.... usually there's some sort of cycle feeding the lo-fi device... say printing out new 3x5 lists every couple days when serious changes have happened.

I'm not 100% implemented on this yet, but it's what I'm finding is useful. Whether you use kinkless or outlook or tracks, or you use 3x5's moleskines, or ring-bound notepads, I think this sort is what most people happen across.

Completely agree!




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