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Keeping track of projects

Hi everybody,

I'm new here, so I hope I'm in the right forum.

I've got the following problem: I'm a student in audio engineering and after my diploma I want to go to film school. So right now, I'm pretty busy with creative projects. In fact, I'm kinda overloaded; I've got school projects and papers, commissions, and a whole lot of my own projects that I have to complete in order to qualify for film school. So it's a pretty inmanageable mix...

So what I need, basically, is a system to keep track of all my current projects, i.e. what I have to do on which project, the progress and, if available, a deadline. I don't want any fancy applications, all I'm working with is iCal and my Palm. I've found that the Memos in Palm are a good starting point, but I'm having a little trouble organising it all.

Anybody got ideas? I'd appreciate it.


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All in all a nice...

Cpu_Modern;8067 wrote:
All in all a nice system. Make sure you update it frequently!

Thank you. And yes, updating is crucial, but that applies to most systems. To be honest, I dread it ;)

Regarding the scattered project info, I think you can avoid that. I have palm OS 5 and there it can work with your system like this:

1) Each project is a task. You attach a memo to the task. This is possible in plain vanilla palm. If the project has a deadline, you just add that deadline to the task like you seem to do anyway. If you want to see your tasks in calendar view (on the palm desktop you can anyway), just duplicate, as long as you have the due dates in the task/memo, nothing is lost.

What a brilliant idea! I'm almost ashamed I didn't think of it myself. It even solves the problem that Memos sync with Palm Desktop while everything else syncs with iCal. Wonderful! Now I can even manage my projects with iCal, sweet! (Yes. I'm excited.) Thanks!

2) Multiple categories: once you have set up your projects as tasks you can assign priorities. Just think of priorities as another colum of categories.

Yes, I seldom make use of the priority field anyway. But I even thought about making a general "projects" category without the various subcategories. After using it for a while, it seems a bit overorganised and it messes up the menu. But we'll see...

3) You can use the category field for something entirely different and "tag" your projects in the memo. For example you could write "<

I was thinking about something similar, only with the tags in the Memo (for the reasons mentioned above).

It seems that all pieces come together finally. And if I can combine my system someday with the templates of DB6 that emk mentioned, I'm close to a perfect project management :)
For now, I'll use the system above and I will let you guys know how it works and if it needs adjustments.




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