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Does GTD imply working on work stuff at home and vice versa?

Crap, I'm posting to 43 folders, I must have passed some invisible line in the sand.

I've been doing the GTD thing for about 6 months or so now, and am just starting to get a handle on things, but one thing has bugged me for a while. As I'm creating and using a single system for everything in my life, doesn't this imply that my life will have even fewer boundaries between work and home than before?

For example, I have a context 'laptop' in omnifocus on which I do a lot of my own personal as well as work stuff. As it moves with me from home to the office and back, should I be creating subcontexts for items under laptop, or just doing the next most important action, reguardless of whether my work day is over or not?

Thanks, Nick

augmentedfourth's picture

Absolutely not!

GTD exists to help you get things done. If you ever feel like your GTD system is leading you in directions you don't want to go (i.e. taking work home when you'd rather not), you need to change something about your implementation.

For me, that means I have a "@lab" context for stuff I do at work, "@home" for things I do at home, and additionally an "@study" context for things I could be reading up on in either place.

You don't have to have your contexts nailed down such that you only have one list available at any given time. When I'm at work I have the option of looking at three or four different contexts, some of which (most notably @study) are also available while I'm at other physical locales.

But this is just how I've developed my personal GTD implementation. It's taken me a long time to figure it out, and you of course have the liberty to determine how to create a system that works for you. If you ever feel that your system is leading you to do things you'd rather not--whether that's bringing work home or anything else--it's time to rethink your system.




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