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MBW 81: Throbbers, excess moisture, Johnson Rods, and Male Answer Syndrome

MacBreak Weekly 81: Click the Throbber

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Merlin Mann, Andy Ihnatko, and Alex Lindsay Safari 3.1, security update, Apple mulls music subscription plan, this week's picks and more.

Here's a direct MP3 download of MBW 81.

Very fun episode this week if I do say so. Andy and I nerded out a lot, there was much jollity, we worked blue a few times, and my (repeat) pick o' the week is SafariStand -- specifically for the amazing "Copy Link as Markdown" and "Copy Link HTML Tag" functionality. Dammit: go pimp your Safari!

Update, 2008-03-20 16:29:45

Next Week: Patrick Wilson from Weezer

Oh, man. How did I forget this? Next week, MacBreak Weekly's special guest will be Pat Wilson, the drummer from Weezer and The Rentals and the multi-instrumental leader of That Special Goodness. Yeah, I know; I can't believe it, either, but he actually asked Leo if he could be on the show. Weird. I wonder if he sent email to the wrong place and actually thinks we're Grammar Girl or something.

Anyhow, it's on, and I'm thrilled, because I go way back with Weezer. After the jump's a live video of an old Weezer favorite (which, according to WikiPee, Pat co-wrote), "My Name is Jonas."

Weezer - "My Name is Jonas"

Brandon_Leedy's picture

This was a really great episode!

I think the best part was the geek out you and Andy did. I was on the floor!

Also in terms of discussion I think the conversation about the music subscription plan was really solid. It shows how much of a turning point we are at when you consider that in some form or another, there has been a music discussion every week and it hasn't gotten old yet.

I've always wondered what would happen if itunes turned their already 99c DRM-free catalogue into an all you can eat subscription based service. To me, that seems like a logical transition, since if someone wanted the same song without DRM they could steal it for free or buy it off of Amazon. If itunes made the drm free catalogue subscription based your money actually goes to convenience and steamlining of the process. In addition, an artist could choose whether or not they just want to be put into the subscription catalogue automatically (ie: the radiohead's of the industry) or be on the pay side. Then after a certain time, the pay artist would be added to the subscription catalogue. The debate would come down to how to negotiate what entitles a consumer to access the catalogue and for how long... questions, questions...




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