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Links and Resources for the Chronically Disorganized

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I'm still in a de-cluttering mode these days (more on that soon), so I was intrigued by this resource, which arrived this morning via Mrs. Folders.

While primarily a trade group for "professional organizers," the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization site has some handy documents and links to help with identifying and solving pathological problems with clutter and hoarding.

If you can tolerate the site's gruesome ardor for PDFs, you'll find some informative and eye-opening stuff. From their fact sheets page:

I really liked some of the Tips for Overcoming Procrastination for the Chronically Disorganized Individual or Household (excerpted):

  • Remember that it is motivation that gets you started and habits that keep you going. Resolve to get started.
  • Delay until you have enough information but not all the information. Have the courage to make decisions with less than 80% of the facts.
  • Break up your projects into small pieces and avoid “all or nothing” thinking.

Good stuff. The Now Habit, anyone?

emwilska's picture

Are we really quotes-worthy?

Hi Merlin,

I'm glad you enjoyed the info on the NSGCD website, PDF-ing aside. (Wish I had the power to change that, but alas, no.) The group is an invaluable resource for organizers and others working with the chronically disorganized, and it's also been a great way for people looking for help to find folks in their area who are qualified to lend a hand.

One small bone to pick, though: why put "professional organizers" in quotes? You're a grammatically savvy guy, so I'm guessing the quotes are intentional (and not, say, a mistaken attempt to add emphasis). And that's kind of a bummer, because it makes it seem like perhaps POs aren't quite something you take seriously.

As a Professional Organizer myself, I can tell you that while many people might choose (and be able) to tackle disorganization on their own, as you're doing with the influx of baby goods (more power to you!), for many others, that process can't and won't happen without help. That's where one of the Bay Area's 200+ (or one of North America's 4500+) POs come in.

For some, overcoming what can be a chaotic and detrimental level of disorganization can only happen with careful, considerate, professional help. POs offer this kind of help every day, and I encourage you to recognize us as quotes-unnecessary.


p.s.--For more information on Professional Organizing in general, check out NAPO (the National Association of Professional Organizers) at www.napo.net and POC (Professional Organizers in Canada) at www.organizersincanada.com.




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