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Free Books for your Amazon Kindle

My pick of the week on the latest episode of MacBreak Weekly wasn't so much my new Kindle (which I do like a lot), but rather a few services that make it easier to find and download free books you can read on the Kindle. These picks included Project Gutenberg, Manybooks.net, and the wonderful Feedbooks.

Feedbooks is the service I highlighted as being the most interesting of the three to me since you can download one Kindle/Mobi book (more info) containing clickable links to hundreds (thousands?) of free and Creative Commons-licensed books that can be downloaded directly to your Kindle, usually in less than a minute or so. Zesty. Hello, 1984 and A Princess of Mars.

In addition to all the great stuff Andy has enumerated, these free book services have made me see the Kindle as a flawed but fascinating game-changer. More tips and buying advice coming soon (short version: it ain't for everybody, by a long shot, but it's surprisingly great for commuters and travelers who devour novels in particular).

And, if you're still hungry for more Kindle-friendly book sites, check out Free Kindle Books and Free Ebooks Online. The post contains a large collection of links that can help fill your reader in no time.

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Feedbooks, etc.

Thanks for the tip on Feedbooks, Merlin. I knew about ManyBooks and Munseys (www.blackmask.com), but Feedbooks had escaped my attention until now. Amazon's own Kindle forum (here: http://tinyurl.com/26h723) can be a decent place to learn new tips and tricks, but as the product has rolled out to more people the forum seems to have devolved into a help desk. But there are still some gems in there.




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