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Apple's iPhone Battery Advice

Apple - Batteries - iPhone

Apple has 11 tips for increasing battery life on your iPhone.

  • Turn off 3G
  • Minimize use of location services
  • Fetch new data less frequently
  • Turn off push mail
  • Auto-check fewer email accounts
  • Minimize use of third-party applications
  • Turn off Wi-Fi
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Use Airplane Mode in low- or no-coverage areas
  • Adjust brightness
  • Turn off EQ

In a nutshell? Use it as an iPod. But not too often.

NB: there’s appears to still be an instance of “Push” in there. Was the decision to pull that term just for the non-email stuff?

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Common Sense

All of those make sense and should be reasonable to most.

Apple doesn't want to get beat up too much for battery life, and the App Store works completely against them. I am certain there are lots who downloaded half the App Store and are playing on them at any given moment. In time, I imagine folks will dial this back and realize the capabilities of the phone bring it more in line with those of a laptop instead of the phones to which we are accustomed.

How do you extend battery life on a laptop?

-- Turn down brightness

-- Turn off Wifi

-- Don't leave DVD's spinning while watching movies (if possible)

-- Don't expect to finish that last Folding@Home unit while finishing your presentation on the flight to New York.

Same stuff applies here, hopefully they don't take too much bad press in the coming weeks when battery life drops to 3 hours for some people.




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