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Daily Links

Friday links for 11/30

  • Where I Go [Chris Glass] - One of those old-school "home page" conventions that I miss most is the once-ubiquitous links page. In addition to being my personal muse on all things visual, Chris Glass also posts his highly clickable list of favorite sites. Need to make me one of these.
  • helvetica - ThisNext - Casting about for gift ideas for the Helvetica lover in your life? Not a problem.
  • Graphic Design and typography - Swiss Legacy - "...a collaborative blog focused on typography, swiss graphic design and grid." Grid pr0n, and that's okay by me. (seems to be down just now)
  • My personal war against Crackberry - "Here at the office, we’ve begun to make most of our meetings 'topless' (i.e. no laptops allowed). I’ve gone a step further by trying to ban any form of networked communication from the working meetings I put together." Good on ya, Todd.
  • And now it's all this: Shortened URLs with Quicksilver - Python script lets you build a fast Quicksilver trigger for generating (and copying) a shortened url based on the the front Safari window. Really useful. [via Daring Fireball]
  • What are the most intellectually stimulating podcasts? | Ask MetaFilter - I'm so overwhelmed by podcasts these days that I've pared down to about five, most of which are mentioned here. My single "don't miss" right now is "Radio Lab," which is kinda like This American Life with more science and less Yo La Tengo.
  • WiiHealthy - [via MeFi] - I wonder what kind of hideous freak I'm becoming by playing an hour of Wii Bowling each night while a 12-lb. baby is footballed over my non-dominant arm. That seems like the makings of a pretty odd workout when I think of it.
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Links (and Distractions), 27 Nov 07

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Links for Friday, November 16th

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Links from off the grid; November 7th

TOPICS: Daily Links

Oh, the places you'll go, October 25th

  • AppleInsider | Road to Mac OS X Leopard: System Preferences - Entertaining and nostalgic walk through the Mac's iterations on the [Control Panel](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Control_panel_(Mac_OS). I vividly recall sitting in the Science building at New College in 1987, staring at the 9-inch black and white screen of a Fat Mac, and thinking: "These little drawings have got to be coolest thing I've ever seen." God bless Susan Kare.
  • How-to: Proper Gmail IMAP for iPhone & Apple Mail - Metric buttload of great tips for using Gmail IMAP with your iPhone. Nicely done. [via Lifehacker]
  • Tasks bundle for TextMate - Henrik's TextMate bundle will surely be of interest to folks using TaskPaper.
  • dotfiles.org - "community for sharing dotfiles like .bashrc, .vimrc, and .bash_profile" Handy if you're getting started with the terminal and want to trick out your profile. Get a great bash .profile and half the work is done for you. [via torrez]
  • No Slippage! - Sean Bonner adds skateboard grip tape to his too-slick iPhone. So smart. I've been meaning to try this with the edges and corners of my MacBook Pro for months. Just ordered this guy to take a crack at it.
  • My evenings are a waste of time. | Ask MetaFilter - "So, bottom line, what can I do (and what do you do?) to be as productive, motivated, and energetic during the evening hours as I am during the day?"
  • Cool Tool: AlphaSmart Word Processor - Paul Ford has talked about the distraction-resistant AlphaSmart Neo here before. Very tempting little chunk of func.
  • jwz - PSA: backups - "'OMG, three drives is so expensive! That sounds like a hassle!' Shut up. I know things. You will listen to me. Do it anyway." Possibly the simplest and most do-able approach to brain-dead backup I've seen. Recommended. [via Nelson]Bobby Hill
  • Food: Monitor Food Expiration Dates with Best When Used By - It would appear there is a web application that will help you track when your food is about to go bad. And here's a blog post that someone wrote about it. See, back in the coal-smudged, Dickensian second world of Web 1.0, you would have to monitor this kind of stuff yourself -- or you could hire someone like Bobby Hill. Alas, technology marches on, and I, for one, will not stand in its way. (Because I actually have some Bulgarian Rails developers building a web app that will stand in the way of things for me. Right now, it's in a private beta after closing a lucrative angel round.)
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Favored Links for October 18th

TOPICS: Daily Links

Links du jour: Saturday 10/13

TOPICS: Daily Links

Music Industry, R.I.P.; Workers slack back; No-headphones; Chris on 43f; City babies; New 5ives; Crab!!!

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TOPICS: Daily Links

Lovely monospace font; Proper Star Wars viewing; Free wake-up calls; Here's "The Google"; Mutt GTD; not disturbing Scott

  • Please do not disturb ScottInconsolata - "It is a monospace font, designed for code listings and the like, in print." This has quickly become my new favorite monospace font. It’s kicky, and looks great in TextMate, esp. at larger sizes.
  • Star Wars viewing order (kottke.org) - Veen has wisdom on the proper order for showing your child the Star Wars movies: “Show him Episodes 4 and 5 together and let him know that ‘They find Han - he was ok.’ Leave it at that. Let him experience the later disappointments as we did - all grown up.”
  • Wakerupper.com - Free Wake-up Calls and Telephone Reminders - Get fancy-hotel-like wakeup service for your phone. Optimized for iPhone
  • The Onion: Google Launches ‘The Google’ For Older Adults - "All you have to do to turn the website on is put the little blinking line thing in the cyberspace window at the top of the screen…" (see also)
  • Getting things done with mutt - "Mutt is extremely powerful, but lacks a little when attempting to implement GTD and the ‘Inbox Zero’ concept." Looks like a cool patch.
  • your monkey called - "LIFEHACK: Create a simple but effective 'mood necklace' from freely available materials!"
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Humane mouse catcher; Smarter RSS; Fanboy? Me?; Color namer; HTML greys; Better 404s; Hilarious ecards

  • Chris Glass’s humane mouse entrap-i-natorHow to catch a mouse without a mousetrap - 43f’s designer, Chris Glass, shares his humane mouse mojo. “Set the fella loose at least a mile away from your abode. Postnote: It worked within the hour.”
  • notes on ‘dancing monkey rss reader’ - “I would like an RSS reader with a button that says 'Gimme 5' and it loads only five posts people with similar subscriptions are reading within the last 24 hours.” I want something kinda related for email — show me exactly 5 messages that need a response (then, let me get back to work)
  • Daring Fireball on switcher-come-latelies - “There’s a whole class of recent switchers who define ‘Apple fanboy’ as ‘anyone who’s been an enthusiastic Mac user since before I switched to the Mac.’”
  • Name that ColorName that Color - Chirag Mehta : chir.ag - “Being a typical guy, I have no clue what the colors Lavender and Mauve look like. You can show me Indigo and I won’t know if it’s more like Violet or Purple. So I made this little app where you can create a color on the screen (or copy-paste CSS hex# color) and find out the name of the closest matching color.”
  • greys : Java Glossary - Me? I love me some greys, and I like seeing them all at once with their hex codes. Handy.
  • A List Apart: Articles: The Perfect 404 - Seems like a smarter person than me could make a pretty nice “similar to what you searched for” using Drupal and Views Fast Search. Sounds like a job for the Lazy Web. Any takers?
  • someecards.com - “When you care enough to hit ‘send.’” Hilarious ecards, nearly all in terrible taste, and outfitted with awful Reagan-era clip art. Pure gold.
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