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43Folders.com is Merlin Mann’s website about finding the time and attention to do your best creative work.

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Merlin at NC Conference; Discount for 43f readers

Important update: 2006-11-15

The Working and Living Life Smarter Conference, announced below, is being rescheduled to a TBD date next year. Registrants have been notified and have received refund info, but you should feel free to ask any questions to either the conference’s organizer, Kay Ethier (sales at aboveandbeyondlearning daht com), or me. 43 Folders will update when the new dates are announced.

So sorry for the change! I apologize for any inconvenience this change has caused and hope that you can still make it to the rescheduled conference next year.

WORKING AND LIVING LIFE SMARTER 2006 (43 Folders Discount)

Next month, I'll be speaking at the Working and Living Life Smarter Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. I'll be doing two talks that should be a lot of fun for 43F fans. And -- lucky for you interested folks, there's a discount afoot, as well.

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MacBreak Weekly: "iPhone Home"

MacBreak Weekly 11: iPhone Home

Hosts: Leo Laporte, Amber MacArthur, Scott Bourne, and Merlin Mann

The iPhone starts to look like the real thing, and Scott Rejoices. iPod celebrated five years... with a Windows Virus. And dating tips from Steve Jobs.

Running time: 1:22:45

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Merlin's top 5 super-obvious, "no-duh" ways to immediately improve your life

How to get organized and stay that way

When I was up in Toronto last week, I was interviewed by Samantha Grice from the National Post about 43 Folders, productivity stuff, and the sad sorry state of my own day-to-day productivity. Very "Brady's Bits."

As a sidebar to the little profile she wrote, Samantha also asked me to draft a few words on my favorite fast tips for getting it together.

Although these will each be painfully old news for you who've been with 43F for a while, I wanted to share the original draft of what I came up with, because it's sufficient as a cocktail-napkin version of what I think 43 Folders has to say to people. You may share it with the disorganized and confused in your own life, if you like.

I also loved the limitations of this particular exercise: 300 or so words in five bullets that represent my best day-one tricks. Due in minutes. My kind of challenge. Although I did go over on word count, and I'll own that.

Herewith: **Merlin's top 5 super-obvious, "no-duh" ways to immediately improve your life.**

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"Inside the Net" Meetup; Say hi to Merlin in YYZ

Upcoming.org: "Inside the Net" Taping & Meetup at No Regrets (Tuesday, October 3, 2006)

I'm heading up to Toronto next week for a whirlwind three-day visit -- including a podcast session with Amber and Leo for Inside the Net; shooting some segments for Call for Help with Leo; squeezing in a couple other little podcast-y, broadcast-y treats; plus sidling into a serendipitous Long Winters show on Wednesday night. And, yes, I'm leaving before Friday, so, no, I won't get to see Sloan in their adoptive hometown. C'est la vie, as they presumably say in Quebec.

Anyhow -- and I am actually going somewhere with this -- the Inside the Net crew invites interested geek Torontonians to come to a live taping and then stick around to hang and meet and talk and whatnot. I'll be the one with the frequently replenished CANADIAN (mmm...) and the weird hair.

From our Upcoming page:

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The Tu Lan Files: Interviewed by Brian Oberkirch

An Interview with Merlin Mann at Like It Matters

Wow, I completely forgot about this. One day, when my pal Brian was in town, we hit Tu Lan and hung out for an hour or so talking about all kinds of stuff related to 43F, productivity, and how to blow lots of time trying too hard to be productive.

Given the noise level at the restaurant, I'm amazed he could transcribe the conversation, but here you go. Considering I was high on vietnamese food, there's actually some pretty good bits in there:

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Dave Gray: "The lifehacker's dilemma"

The lifehacker's dilemma
The lifehacker’s dilemma
Originally uploaded by dgray_xplane.

Dave sums it all up nicely, as far as I’m concerned.

(N.B.: the paper-based crotchal coverage hack.)

Make #4 now available

MAKE: Technology on Your Time, Volume 04

O'Reilly's quarterly Make Magazine Volume #4 is now available for order from Amazon.com.

As ever it will be filled with new ways to turn your doorbell into a death laser or make a functional hovercraft from a Mr. Coffee or even remove the DRM from a six-pack of Mr. Pibb. It's all in there, along with the usual "Life Hacks" column from Danny and me.

This month's column features our long-anticipated showdown/throwdown on digital vs. paper. Two step into the octagon and only one, One, ONE will step out. (Well, actually: after realizing it's all been a simple misunderstanding, they shake hands and agree to work quietly on separate projects.)

An excerpt:

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An Oblique Strategy:
Honor thy error as a hidden intention


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