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hPDA hack

This may need some finetuning, but since I find myself doing it automatically, I figured I'd mention it.

On my NA cards I'm using the notation system that Hyrum Smith developed for the original Franklin Planners (and is still used with the Franklin Covey versions).

You can mark the little box to the left of the line to indicate the stage you're at in that action.

A "check" means it's done.

An "X" means you changed your mind and deleted it.

A "dot" means it's in process right now, you've started it.

An "initial" means you've delegated it (you use the initial/s of the person you delegated it to).

An arrow "-->" means you forwarded it to another day. You'd also put the new date at the end of the line, ex: 6/01. This might be counter to GTD, unless it's a calendar event, but it is useful.)

For me, the only ones I'll usually use are the check, the X or the dot. For example, I've already checked off some phone calls I needed to make and some NAs I've already done. I have a dot beside 'sheets' because my sheets are currently in the washing machine. Once they're back on the bed, that gets a check. The dot is A) to make me feel like I'm doing something because it shows something is happening on that Action, and B) to remind me I need to go back and finish it.

I just use the dot, check and X out of habit after doing them for so many years. Also, in the planner (which I'm still using for the day's NAs) I can record any extras I need to know, for example, if I did delegate something I might record what they told me about it and their expectations of when it would be finished, etc.

That's another version of Waiting For, but I like the record so that I can flip back to 4/22 and say, "But husband dear, on April 22nd you told me not to do that, that YOU were going to take care of it, and it's ... gee, could it really be ... August now?"

Not that I'd ever be snide or anything.





An Oblique Strategy:
Honor thy error as a hidden intention


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