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Going full screen

There were a few posts a while back about running your applications fullscreen to reduce distractions. They were mostly Mac-focused, and I'd like to see some discussion of this on the Unix side of things.

Metacity, the window manager used by Gnome, has a "toggle full screen" function that will allow you to run any application full screen. However, it is not available on any menus, nor is it bound to any key by default. The Gnome Keyboard Preferences program will let you add a keybinding. I have it bound to Alt-F11, since most applications that have full-screen built in use F11 for toggling full-screen.

There are also window managers that are specialized for full screen use. Ion is another tiling window manager. It has less convenient key bindings by default than ratpoison, but it has tabbed titlebars on each tiled frame that make it a bit easier to tell which frame is active and what all you're running.

Does anyone else have hints or preferences relating to running applications full-screen on X? KDE users?


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