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Greetings from a Boston Circa fiend

I've been lurking in this forum for a few months and just joined - I feel as though I've found my people! I'm fairly new to GTD - I've been reading David Allen's book off and on since the summer and flirting with lists, and with the new year, I'd like to commit. And shout-outs to Emory and Patrick Rhone: I love your GTD white papers - thank you, brethren!

Having tried different combinations of HiFi (iCal, Backpack, Yojimbo), LoFi, and a leaky LoHi hybrid, I'm settling into Levenger-centric LoFi. Oh, the bliss of Levenger! I'm working with a junior Circa zippered folio and a shirt-pocket briefcase. The folio has my Levenger month-on-two-pages agenda (I foolishly bought the whole agenda package, then realized that having all those weekly as well as monthly pages would mess with my lists and my sanity - should have bought the cheaper monthly tabbed model), and four additional sections for @Home, @School (I teach), Projects (for research and writing), reference/miscellaneous (per David Allen's model on the davidco.com site), and contacts. The planner is a bit unwieldy to schlep when I'm not working and inconvenient to whip out on the fly, so I'm using the shirt-pocket briefcase for quickie capturing, shopping lists, library call numbers, etc. I've been printing out planner pages from the splendid D*I*Y website (the basic GTD categories) onto plain Circa paper - though tomorrow I'm going to the Levenger store here in Boston (the hazards of having a porn store in one's neighborhood...) to buy a Circa paper punch, as well as a few letter-sized translucent-covered notebooks for ongoing research projects. Oh, and those brandspankingnew 3x5 tabbed vertical divider cards for sub-categories within the main ones (those little phone/pencil/etc. icons worry me, but we can cover them with labels from our trusty P-Touch labelers).

I'd love to hear how others of you are using Circa in your GTD processes, and how other academics are implementing GTD. This forum is a wonderfully broad, inclusive community - I'm so fascinated by how people adapt GTD to their own lives.

Oh dear, sorry to be so long-winded on my first post. Please excuse my exuberance, and Happy New Year, everyone!

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