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Shiny New Toy: Nokia N800

So I finally broke down and bought myself a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet... All I can say is "Wow, what a device". For someone who is as web 2-point-oh-no-you-didn't as I am it is amazing to have a device with a full and functional browser in my pocket. With it, I hope to handle anything the guys at Google and 37 Signals can throw my way.

Now, with all that shameless gushing out of the way, here are some observations:

* How am I going to convince all of my friends and family to switch to Google Talk? Luckily, there is Gaim and most of my friends are on iChat/AIM. That being said, GTalk is the default client and integrated into the "presence" settings on the device. Gaim is not. So those contacts don't appear in my little applet on the desktop and the robot heads in the side menu don't get that radioactive pulsing glow that they do when you get a message with GTalk.

* Why did they have to make the integrated e-mail client suck so bad? They made every other integrated app so good - why not e-mail? I mean, It is almost like they worked very hard at making it suck so bad. Hopefully, this will be taken care of in a software upgrade. At least I have webmail.

* The fact that it can recognize the difference between a finger and the stylus is so cool and just plain makes sense... Click on a menu or text area with a stylus - you get stylus sized menus and keyboard. Tap on them with my extra large, double meat sized man-thumbs and they go all gigantoid!

* I wish the included case were better than that grey suede-ette thing they included with it (That I have already misplaced/lost.

I will have a more comprehensive review in a week or so on my blog after I have some extended playtime with it. I welcome any tips and suggestions from fellow owners. Especially on recommendations for a case/cover.

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