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Personal databases on the Mac?

My home computer, a laptop with Windows XP, is on its last leg and I'll need to replace it in the next few weeks. I'll likely switch to a Mac.

With that in mind, I'm using a Windows PC at work. I've been gathering and organizing my digital life using Evernote on a thumb drive for the past two years. It's been easy to access my data at both home and work, and print notes for reference on the go.

So my question is this: Do programs like DevonThink, Yojimbo, etc. offer remote (web) data access? I've used solutions like Google Notebook before, and while they would work in a pinch, I don't like handing my passwords, bank account info, etc. over to Google. Plus, I need something that can tag notes, and then print out all notes with a given tag. Google Notebook's printing is limited.

Thanks for any advice, Stew




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