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What solutions do you use?

I have decided to implement GTD both at work and at home after listening to the Getting Things Done Now Seminar. I just borrowed the Getting Things Done Unabridged Audiobook and am going through that now.

However, I feel like my own work is conspiring against my successful implementation of GTD.

First off at work we use Lotus Notes. I thought at first I could use Notes for my organization, BUT I have 2 major issues:

  1. We don't run iNotes, so I can't easily access my data from home, without firing up my work laptop, VPNing in. Remote controlling the PC at my desk, and then logging into Notes. More effort than I want to go through.

  2. Notes doesn't have any way to create an all day event and invite people to it. So people keep sending each other Group Todos for days off, so they'll appear on top of the calendar. So my Todo list is full of DOZENS of todos that are clutter my task list.

So, next I thought to use some online task list. I set up accounts on Vitalist and Remember the Milk. Problem was, I can't access Vitalist when in meetings. Remember the Milk now works with Google Gears, which gets around the offline problem, but Google Gears requires Firefox, which is forbidden at work. There is also now a big push at work to ban laptops from meetings, since they are considered "distractions". I also think our IT Security dept would flip out if they heard I was storing details of internal projects on external web sites

So, next I moved to ThinkingRock, which was great because it was written in Java. I use on Windows at work, and my Mac and Linux boxes at home. I could use it at meeting (at least unti they completely ban meetings from laptops). My problem is the data file. My work laptop is so locked down, it difficult to use. I would rather use my data file on a home PC when home. I though I might be able to use some method online synchronization to move my data file around. .Mac would be perfect, except the fine folk at work BLOCK ACCESS to .Mac and pretty much any other site that allows file synchronization.

We use Novell servers at work and iFolder would eliminate my pain, but we have no plan of any kind to roll the product out.

So now I am at the point of going to something I abandoned back in the 90s, the paper planner, something I dread.

Can others tell me what theyre doing with their GTD data between home and work?




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