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Has anyone given a presentation on GTD?

I am going to be giving a presentation at work on GTD in a couple months. Rather than try to start a keynote or powerpoint presentation from scratch, does anyone have one already made they would like to share? If not, maybe as a community we should work on developing a really solid presentation file.

I can't imagine davidco would have a big problem with it, since all it would do is help spread the word and you've gotta figure a few people in every audience would buy the book. Especially if we had the standard disclaimer with the file about it not being used for any kind of profit. There was that one post http://www.davidco.com/blogs/david/archives/2005/04/heads_up_for_gt.html and then merlin's response:

I'm not sure what the resolution on that was. Anyway, if anybody has a presentation they would like to share, let me know. Or if anyone wants to collectively work on it - speak up.

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I have seen a lot...

I have seen a lot of those free resources available that summarize the book. Chrome, is that advanced workflow diagram the one by Scott Moehring? I have that from before, but now to download it from the davidco site, I think you have to register or something. Which is weird, I've never seen a free thing like that which you need to add to a shopping cart. Any changes from the rev 2/27/04 version?

Basically, I'd be able to put together the presentation without a problem, I have enough resources and I've made dozens of presentations in the past. What I'm looking to do is save the 6-8 hours it will probably take me to do it [read: i'm lazy]. Plus no reason for a bunch of us to all reinvent the wheel.

Additionally, I think the GTD system as described in the book is not perfect, and it took me several months of reading this site (and others) to actually figure out how to successfully implement the system. I was hoping someone had already created a second part to the presentation, with the limitations and problems with the GTD system as described in the book, and then the various modifications and online resources available.

If no one has a presentation that they are willing to upload or to email to me, I will create one in early March, and I'd be happy to upload it. I'll have to figure out some kind of disclaimer that it would only be for nonprofit use, because I don't need any headache about copyright.





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