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Elevator face time

Let's say you are in an elevator with The David and you could ask just one question... what would that question be?

I have a co-worker going to the Roadmap seminar in early March, and am giving her a list of things to get answers on and am looking to the 43f community to fill in any voids.

Try to keep your suggestions relative to GTD implementation and methodology.


Will post back with any answers I get.

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Hmm. "What's that smell?" would...

Hmm. "What's that smell?" would be high on my list. Also, "Is that the fire alarm?" On a more serious note, what someone gets out of the workshop really depends on where she's coming from - her experience with GTD, what needs are pressing, etc. In other words, your list would no doubt be different from hers...

Note: You might have your person record the session for you. Also, David is usually hard to access because everyone wants to talk to him. However, he usually has a handful of coaches with him, who are great for answering questions. If you have a big list of questions, I'd suggest going to them instead of David himself.

Finally, you might find the following tips useful - From Getting the most from David Allen's RoadMap seminar:

* Do your research - In Learn more, faster, he recommends thorough research before the event.
* Arrive Early - Meet the staff!
* Move around the room at each break - He suggests asking people if it's OK to switch seats. One gets a different experience from each location.
* Don't feel the need to write too much - This seminar goes fast, and others have blogged about it in some detail.
* Stay open - Some people tune out when they hear something that sounds like it doesn't apply to them. If that situation occurs: a) ask yourself why you don't want it to apply, and b) search for a way for it to apply. Connect the parable/story to something you've experienced, or might experience. Stay an active and engaged listener.
* Bring 150 business cards, and try not to go home with any.


* Choose carefully - talk to someone who has previously attended.
* Combine travel with other events/possibilities in area.
* Decide successful outcome - reflect on goals and objectives.
* Be an active listener - listen for nuggets of information that you can use. Look for easy-to-implement high-impact ideas.
* Bring questions/problems for Q/A, and introduce yourself when asking.
* Make contact with the presenter after the session is over.
* Socialize - Never eat alone. Collect and pass out business cards, but be discriminating, jot a reminder note on the back, and follow up afterwards.
* Follow up - call locals on attendees list you didn't meet.
* Share within your organization - let others know what you learned (basic overview, plus learnings).





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