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File Naming and Archiving


I might have missed it but I could'nt find much info on file naming and more importantly archiving. I've been using a single folder for current work, giving a 4 letter tag to the projects and giving them a 01-99 tag before that to show priority. But now that I've actually been completing projects that system doesnt quite work for archiving.

How you all archive your work?

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File Naming


It seems to me that your naming system is all about CURRENT work, which will make it hard to archive when that data goes stale. I use a similar system to Chrome... All projects follow this naming scheme -
- 4(some 6, some 3) Character Tag I dentifying the client
- a 4 digit job code, if there is a specific project involved (e.g., JONES0001 is a document for my Jones Client, GTD reference material starts with GTD and no #
- an underscore (_)
- A Title (e.g., Copy for JONES0023 Product Brochure
- an underscore
- date in YYMMDD format
- optional underscore and tags following

SO, a sample file might be:

JONES0001_Copy for Product Brochure_060102_ JONES0023 sample.doc

And it means: Client Jones, project #1, Copy for brochure, saved on January 2, 2006, related to project JONES0023 and is a writing sample for my portfolio

A few notes:
- each client starts at 0001, so I have JONES0001 and SMITH0001.
- I use dates, instead of v1, v2 because dates also let you see the timeline
- YYMMDD dates sort in the proper order
- If I reference related projects as a tag, the file will show up if I do a file search
- Because I do graphic design, I still have to use folders for projects... it is the only way I can keep graphic files, fonts, etc grouped appropriately (in sub folders).
- I still use complex file names because it gives me a lot of data about a file without forcing me to open 3 different "Copy for Brochue.doc"

You will notice that no context or priority data is associted with the filename. I will use shortcuts on my desktop to visually set priorities, occasionally and that is also how I track current projects. When I create the folder, I can right-click Send to Desktop as shortcut ... then I can move the shortcut around as I need to.

Archiving is as simple as backing up.

When a project is complete, appending a finish date on the end of the name lets me know when it was done. It also makes it easy to move stale projects into deep storage (CD/DVD/External Drive .... Whatever)

Sorry it rambled ... hope it helped




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