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Electronic vs. Paper

I've been using Monkey GTD for nearly two months and I like that I can use it on my USB Flash drive at work and at home, but I am having trouble with collection and review.

For one thing, I tend to forget to do reviews. I have a really bad "out-of-sight, out-of-mind" problem. (This has turned me into one of those "everything in neat(ish) piles" kind of people and I am tired of living like that. I want my work surfaces clean and free for ... work.)

I also really hate the idea of duplicating notes, so although I am using a Moleskine for times when I am away from a computer, I despise having to re-enter those notes somewhere else. Likewise, I hate to have to write out, or remember to print, things like grocery lists, etc.

Also, if I forget my thumbdrive at home or at the office, I am out-of-business. (This is really bad when leaving it at the office on a Friday with a commute I don't do on off days.)

So I'm at a bit of a crossroads with GTD. Not sure how to overcome my normal habits and also find a system that will work for me. Anybody else dealing with this or have advice? Thanks.

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I think we all have gone through the same thing

I'm running into the exact same problem. I'm an IT consultant so I'm in multiple offices and on the road a lot. I started using a moleskine to take notes on the road and that's been working pretty well for me. However I often find I need information that is in an email and if I have transcribed it into my appointment notes, I dont have it when I get on-site. Also going back and finding a particular bit of info in the molekine is getting worse as time goes on. And when this one gets full and I pull out a new one, on the road reference will go out the window.

I've gone through just about every pda in the past 10 years and I'm still trying to work out what works best for me. This job is new and previously I was in one office full time so portability wasnt an issue. Now its paramount and I'm struggling to find a good system that works based on my situation.

My current plan is to try a small tablet pc. I've got an older slate style tablet but its too big to carry around all the time. I'm thinking a small device like either a UMPC or the little Motion LS800 8" tablet would allow me to have all my notes together and my email. Plus I could keep some tools on it for the work I need to do. I really like working with the moleskine as its nice and small and has a nice "feel" to it but I think the limitations of paper are just creeping up on me.




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