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Command line tips and tricks to speed up your life

I thought it would be nice if we could all share some command line tricks we use to improve or speed up our gtd life.

My best trick is to alias everything I use regularly.

For example, I use a perl script for gtd.
I press "g" and get the list of next actions
alias g='~/documents/zbin/gtd.sh'

gg to add a new action
gg='cat >>~/documents/1/projects.otl'
they are like:
gg enter
buy bread @out
find camera fix @net
control D

ge, to edit the list
alias ge='vi ~/documents/1/projects.otl'

So gtd is covered but what about links?
I dont use del.icio.us because by the time my links load i am into something else.
I just created a text file called 2check and cat and grep it.

w, to show it.
alias w='~/documents/zbin/2check.sh'

ww, to add things to it. I usually add something like:
ww, enter
gtd tips blog 43folders.com
control D

to add things to it
alias ww='cat >>~/documents/1/2check'
to edit it
alias we='vi ~/documents/1/2check'

to grep it
alias ws='cat ~/documents/1/2check | grep -i'
with this one I just:
ws gtd
and get a list of related gtd links.

I use a big txt file where I store most of my notes and use vim folding to structure it.
The file is called "1" and it is under "1" folder.
like this ~/1/1
I select text, type zf to fold it
then just za to fold/unfold it.

Of course if i press "1"
the file is opened:
alias 1='vi ~/documents/1/1'

Essential ones:
alias m='mutt'
alias p='pine'

and the last one:
If i want to download all pictures from a website i simply type
pics www.website.com/abc

use this alias
alias pics='wget -nd -r l1 --no-parent -A JPG,jpg,gif,GIF \!*'
alias mp3s='wget -nd -r l1 --no-parent -A MP3,mp3 \!*'
you get the idea.

any other tips you can share?

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