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Mapping your drive

I've recently run into a conflict in the way I work and I'm hoping that some bright soul here might have a solution.
The short version is that I've been playing with PersonalBrain, a sort of mind-mapping thingy (see attached picture). I'm not a mind mapper myself (here there be dragons) but I instantly realized that it could make a formidable alternative for the finder (explorer for Windows folken). Unfortunately, while it does have file capabilities, most of the features needed for this are either missing or too awkward to ever be useful.
I really want to be able to organise and control my files in a more relational manner (plus the lines going everywhere look cool) but this isn't what I need.
Does anybody have any helpful ideas? Am I stuck with the antique hierarchal filing system we've been using since Sumeria? Do I have to dust off my programming books and learn RealBasic? Why is Bat-Man tied up in front of a giant clam?
...Actually, I don't care so much about that last one.

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