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Activity and Time Capture

Hello Forumers

I'm new here and was directed here by Merlin after I asked him a doozy of a question that has be reproduced below :)

I currently face a small dilemma - basically I am
terrible at keeping track of my time spent on various projects that
my company assigns me to.

So, I was wondering if by any chance you know of a program that
utilises a very simple interface to capture activities as and when
they are entered.

1. Simple entry of activities.
2. Logging of time each activity is entered.
3. When new activity is entered the program displays this as the end
time for the previous activity.
4. These times should also be user editable.
5a. The last X number of tasks are showed.
5b. The tasks can be hidden and displayed by default or by user
6a. App should always be on top but not overly obtrusive to the
point the user would shut it down.
6b. Or the App has a configurable hotkey to quickly make it the
active window.
7. The program should have an automatic daily log of the activities
as well as perhaps allow for exporting to various formats.
8. Ideally small memory footprint.
9. Ideally it should be a no-install standalone app.
10. Visually it should fit in with windows themes.

How I would want the screens to be presented are:
Program starts up and displays a simple entry box with a tick and a
User types in activity and hits enter or clicks the tick.
Task gets added with the start time column showing the time task was
User keeps doing that task and gets a phone call.
User hits the hotkey enters "phone call".
Phone call is entered as next task.
Start time of Phone call is added as end time of the previous task.
And so on.
There is a logfile that is in csv format that is updated each time a
task is added and this file is stored in a user selected folder.

The idea is that it is only a keyboard shortcut or a click away and
entry is via a simple "type+enter" interface. The user doesnt have
to worry about time because the program does it for them. But they
can if they want to change and manipulate times.

does anything like this exist?


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