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I need a Mail postpone feature

With the install of Leopard, I finally am switching from Entourage (since 2000) to the whole Mail/Address Book/iCal/.mac combo.

So far, so ok. However, I'm a longtime fan of the zero inbox concept, and the one thing I'm missing from Entourage is the ability to select an Inbox email, run an AppleScript that that would remove that email for any set amount of time that I gave it (from 1h to 1000 days). The script would bring up a window that allowed me to quickly type any time amount (2h, 2d, 1m, etc) and then toss that email into a Postpone folder. Another script would run every 30 minutes in the background that would check this Postponed folder, and if any due emails were there, it would throw those back into the Inbox. I could always, of course, postpone them again, but it was the most brilliant method I had for: 1. not staring at open to-dos over and over again. 2. keeping my Inbox daily at close to zero (even with 100 emails a day) 3. Allowed me to only have to look at one place—the Inbox—for all action items.

So, I'm looking for a new method for Mail that would do something similar to this. I've tried finding AppleScripters to rewrite the scripts to work in Mail, but so far, I've been told it's not doable, and the original scripter can't be located (if anyone's interested in this pair of powerful scripts for Entourage, have at 'em at http://www.howhealthworks.com/dropbox/ScottsPostponeScripts.zip - the instructions are inside the scripts themselves, at the top ). I'm looking around at current things like MailTags, but so far, none really work in this fashion of being able to remove an email from the Inbox, and then get some kind of popup reminder at a set time. I've also tried using Mail's new built-in To Do feature, but man is it buggy. Timers don't go off when they should, etc.

I'm open to hiring another AppleScripter, or trying out some new method of "Remove and AutoRemind" that I'm not used to.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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