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Roll your own print-friendly page

You can copy all or part of a web page from Safari, then paste it (mostly) intact into a new RTF file in TextEdit.app.

Most of the basic text styles and images seem to be retained, and you score yourself a printer- or pdf-friendly version of any selectable portion of a given web page. Trim the extra nav elements from the new file and you’re ready to print. Especially handy if you just want a specific chunk from a long page to read or file offline.

Lofi, but fast, and another example of how well OSX’s applications interact.

Hint: Before copying out of Safari, jack up the text size by hitting “CMD-=” once or twice. Gives tired eyes an easier offline read.

cool update - Jeff at Geekable.com reminds us:

An even better suggestion than copying and pasting: highlight the portion of the website you want in Safari, then go to the Safari menu and select “Services > TextEdit > New Window Containing Selection”.

No copy and paste necessary!

Nice. Thanks, Jeff.

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An even faster solution is...

An even faster solution is to make a system-wide shortcut in the Keyboard Shortcuts section of the Keyboard & Mouse preference pane. Just type in a couple of keys (I use Option+Command+T), and then, in any program, just highlight some text (or images) and hit your shortcut and you've got a new file, complete with pictures and links.




An Oblique Strategy:
Honor thy error as a hidden intention


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