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Call for ideas: The 43 Folders Geek Gift Guide

Reader Jeff Click emailed to re-remind me of an idea I'd meant to act on last holiday season and never did: the 43 Folders Geek Gift Guide. Whee, presents! I'm also thinking of opening the floor to people who want to write mini-reviews of beloved schwag for use in the guide.

So, assuming a bunch of you are geeks or have a cuddly little geek that you love, what would you like to see covered in the guide? So far I'm thinking:

  • neato stuff under $20
  • paper productivity pr0n
  • cool pens
  • gadgets like wifi detectors
  • sexy, expensive, "I promise this will be my only present for five years" stuff like robots and personal submarines
  • timers, scuba boards, and other life-hacks-y brain assisters

Gimme more ideas. What do you want to know about? What kind of comparisons would be useful? What might you want to review yourself? And apart from fresh dungeon dice and a new inhaler case, what's the one thing that will thrill the geek in your life this holiday?

Update 2005-10-25 21:05:35

Disclosure: I will almost certainly end up making a small percentage off readers' purchase of some items reviewed in the Gift Guide. Also, John Wayne wasn’t really a cowboy, your Mom is the tooth fairy, and Bruce Willis was actually dead the whole time. Thanks, and sorry for any confusion.

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About jetpens.com - I'm afraid...

About jetpens.com - I'm afraid I don't understand why that's the least bit interesting.

That may be because I've used HisNibs. http://www.hisnibs.com

They have Hero Pens, which are always a great deal for the price - I've got a 329, which is essentially a Parker 51 - the most popular of all fountain pens. You're lucky to find a used Parker 51 for less than $25, whereas the new Hero 329 is $15.

Also, there's the Uranus 2018 Multifunction pen, which is the coolest pen I know of. If not for my total disdain for ballpoints I would have alread purchased it. Why? One end is a ballpoint, the other is a calligraphy brush. Yes, a calligraphy brush intended for writing Oriental characters. Cost: $25. Currently sold out, but re-orders frequently.

Those are the least of the gems hiding on that website. Take advantage of it and send someone a fountain pen so they can break the hold of the evil ballpoints. §




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