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Make #4 now available

MAKE: Technology on Your Time, Volume 04

O'Reilly's quarterly Make Magazine Volume #4 is now available for order from Amazon.com.

As ever it will be filled with new ways to turn your doorbell into a death laser or make a functional hovercraft from a Mr. Coffee or even remove the DRM from a six-pack of Mr. Pibb. It's all in there, along with the usual "Life Hacks" column from Danny and me.

This month's column features our long-anticipated showdown/throwdown on digital vs. paper. Two step into the octagon and only one, One, ONE will step out. (Well, actually: after realizing it's all been a simple misunderstanding, they shake hands and agree to work quietly on separate projects.)

An excerpt:

Friends, we're here today to unveil the august secret that we hope will save potentially dozens of Important Technology Writers from needing to produce another wide-eyed report on how very odd it is that all these geeks seem to love paper so much. The trick is that there is no paradox, no more so than suggesting that people who buy screwdrivers must necessarily hate drills.

Geeks rely on paper for the same reason that the normals do: paper — along with conceptual cousins like whiteboards and magnets — is simply the most efficient tool for completing certain kinds of cognitive work. And no amount of enhanced technology will likely diminish this anytime soon.

Make #4 will be available soon in finer book stores, but if you want it soon, you need to get it from our friends at Amazon: $10.19 (Cheap). To get 'em all hot off the presses, you could also treat yourself to a 1-year subscription (currently: starts you with issue #3).

Just think of the hours you'll fritter away. It's intoxicating.

Robert 'Groby' Blum's picture

FF 1.07, win XP. Flickers...

FF 1.07, win XP. Flickers nicely. IE 6.0.2900.2180 xpsp_sp2 on XP - no flicker Safari 2.0.1 on OSX 10.4.2 - no flicker IE 5.2 on OSX 10.4.2 - well, let's not mention that. Debacle ;) (Apart from the screwed layout, it doesn't flicker, though)

Uninstalled all my extensions on FF, still happens. Doesn't seem to be one of my browser settings, either.

It's only FF, and yet Josh seems to have no problem...




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