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David Seah on wall-based productivity pr0n

David Seah : Gifts for Hardcore Productivity Nuts: Magnatag Visible Systems

David Seah explores a treasure trove of lo-fi productivity pr0n, as provided by the vertical-surface-loving folks at Magnatag. A couple of the items he covers:


Magnatag Do-Done StepTracker I like the name of the Do-Done StepTracker, and I love the idea of “flip the magnetic button over to switch from to-do to done” functionality. Elegant and effective!



RotoGraph Long Range Daily Line Item Planner Ok, I listed this one before, but now there’s a video showing just how the RotoGraph® Long Range Daily Line Item Planner actually works. It’s one continuous scrolling surface that you can write your schedule on, kind of like a real-world version of Excel with locked sheet cells.

Very sexy. I wish I had more walls.

I've been having my own one-man whiteboard renaissance lately with my new Pinnacle II Magnetic Dry-Erase Communication Board. I picked up a couple of these at Costco for only 20 bucks each (which is about half what these kinds of things usually cost). Combined with some fine-tipped dry erase markers and a stack of Post-it Index Cards, you have a powerful brainstorming tool at your disposal.

Got some lo-fi productivity pr0n you've been loving lately?

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I love whiteboards. I...

I love whiteboards. I mean, I really LOVE whiteboards. I mentioned my first hack, but let me to a few more.

1) Buy shower wall at a home supply store dirt cheap and expo them down for a good slick feel that will erase.

2) Draw you grids onto the showerboards using wet erase pens and a yard stick. Now you can dry erase as much as you want and just run the eraser over them to remove the dry erase while leaving the wet erase gridlines behind.

3) Advanced users can find 1/16" colored tape at office supply stores and make gridlines from those. It requires more time and is more expensive, but gives a more professional feel to the board.

4) Got a dry erase todo that's six months old and won't erase? Scratch it all out with a fresh dry erase marker and watch it vanish.

I heart whiteboards. I cover ever wall with them. Spouses hate it, but young children love it. You can encourage them to draw on all the walls.




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