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Brian Kim: Teach kids time management

Top 5 Things That Should Be Taught In Every School

I enjoyed reading this list and was especially into number five:

#5: Time Management

Speaking of other skills that can be utilized in any job and career is time management. The majority of students never really learn to value their time and mange it while in school. Procrastination is all too rampant (studying right before class, doing homework and essays the day it’s due, partying the night before the exam). This lack of time management often carries over into adulthood, which becomes a major liability.

Learn to make a to do list. Learn to prioritize. Learn to break things down into 30 minute blocks of time. Learn about actionable items. David Allen’s GTD system is your best friend here along with Dan Kennedy’s No B.S Time Management. Again if you’re unfamiliar with these people, Google is your best friend, but I’m sure the majority of readers will know what I’m talking about.

What would you add to the list of skills you think should be taught in school?

[ via: Anarchaia (3/14/07) ]

Scott's picture

I see Trevor's point: kids...

I see Trevor's point: kids don't want to learn personal productivity skills. The problem, though, is that kids don't want to learn anything that they don't want to learn.

However, if I'd been given a choice between spending years learning the incredibly mind-numbing, spirit-killing minutia of US History (what was the name of that general in that war...), advanced math that I would never, ever apply in real life, etc., and instead be shown that through personal planning, I could learn to make money, I'd have taken the GTD class without pause. Same goes for most of the other Life Skills that others are mentioning here. And that to me is what school should largely be about: learning life skills. Here's a small list off the top of my head:

•• Health 101. How to learn to eat and cook as if your health depended on it. (Instead, I learned, I'm not joking, how to make baloney sandwhiches in Boy's Home Ed). The number of adults I know that still think most of their symptoms and illnesses have nothing to do with their lifestyle and food choices is breaking the bank of this country. Basic food, health, and fitness habits & skills. From 1st grade onward.

•• Money 101. How money works, and the difference between work-one-hour-get-paid-one-hour for the rest of your life, vs learning to leverage your time. Positive money beliefs (vs. religious or guilt-based beliefs). How compound interest works, and what occurs over time with just $10/week (or any number. The actions needed to become a millionaire. The actions needed to not make much money. Should be taught from 4th grade on up.

•• Communications. How to listen, and why. How to get a point across without ending up in a swear fest. How reason and logic work. How to speak in a way that helps make the difference between earning $15k/year, and $250k/year.

•• Belief Systems 101. How beliefs work, where they come from, why they're often unexamined. The difference between personal beliefs, and family beliefs, and cultural beliefs, why they form, and the price paid for living by dogma (other people's conclusions). And, how to choose what you end up believing. This should be taught from 5th grade on up.

•• Life Basics 101. How to use a washing machine. How to rent an apartment. How to sign a lease. First aid (CPR, as Terry C mentions). The basic social rules to keep you out of trouble/prison/getting fined. How to balance a checkbook. The 25 things that can kill you before you're 40.

•• Emotional State Management (or some less goofball name). Mainly, the skills needed to stay out of a victim mindset. What a victim mentality is, how to recognize it, and what it costs if you don't figure out how to get out of it. How to troubleshoot problems. How to deal with strong emotional issues so that they make you stronger, vs the point where all life spins downward.

•• Sex Education. And I do mean full out education. How women communicate, vs. how men communicate. How sex works for them, and for men. It is embarrassing to live in a culture that can't look sex straight in the face.

Would kids want to learn this? To me, it's the wrong question. They have to learn it, and why not in school. I'd give my left pinkie to have learned the above, instead of what I spent years learning.




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