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@Computer & !@Computer

If I do 100% GTD that would be my two lists. I am a pathetic computer geek who played on computers for fun and then got a job in the computer industry. The only difference between what I do from 9 to 5 and 5 to 9 is whether my I am at home with my pets or at work with my coworkers. I don't travel. I don't spend time in waiting rooms or conference rooms between meetings with list of phone calls to make. I'm not a manger, so I don't even attend many meetings. I have very few distinct catagories to divide stuff up into. And one giant long list just turns into your run-of-the-mill ToDo list. I am at a loss how to apply GTD to my life when it is practically one big blob covering two standard deviations of what I do from the alarm waking me up to the alarm telling me it is time to go into hibernate mode.

Has anybody else felt like GTD seems to be for "executives" only?

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Tinjaw, I agree that was...

Tinjaw, I agree that was one of the weakest points of GTD - Sometimes it seemed like it was written solely for self aggrandizing dotcom middle management (actually, looking at the first printing date (2001) they probably were a key demo.)

I think the biggest things for me are the Workflow, (and since I'm super ADD my self-made, rainbow-colored Workflow Diagram.) having a review framework so stuff doesn't fall through the cracks, and having places to record/store information. (like the @lists and the idea of keeping everything in one reference store rather than in 50 billion places.)

I also liked the concept of projects (right now my lists are Projects-Home, Projects-Work, @Work, @Home, @Errands (broken out by where (e.g. Target - shoerack, Supermarket - peanut butter, etc) and @Waiting. I also have matching folders in my e-mail and have really taken to heart only having a page of e-mail in my inbox (hard to do - I'm an e-mail admin but it's been totally worth it. It's the single biggest thing I've done to keep from feeling overwhelmed.)

And if you'd like to add generate tons of additional items to track (sending e-mail, phone calls, etc.) check out "Never Eat Alone" by Keith Ferrazzi :)




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