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getting things done when your hands are broken

all of this emphasis on writing down notes on note cards etc. is great unless your hands don't work right. Most of the notes I have in my writing notebook are illegible and are lost to me because the scribbles no longer trigger a memory of what I was writing.

So, how does one use these simple techniques when your hands are damaged and writing is impractical.

By the way, how I use computers is with speech recognition with all of its attendant problems.

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Interestingly, the original PalmPilot graffiti...

esj wrote:
Interestingly, the original PalmPilot graffiti was relatively easy for me to use because I had a large area to write in, recognition was robust in the face of my my tremors, and if I use a big fat stylus, it didn't hurt my hands as much. The reason the PalmPilot failed was because I could not get a consistent backup or synchronization working and lost data too many times.

Welcome to the board! What about trying the Palm (or alternative) out again? They've come a long way since the original. To be honest, the only time I've ever had trouble syncing was when I was playing with a program on my desktop and deliberately overwrote my palm info. But that was all my fault - and I even completely ignored the warning messages!

Anyway, In addition to the hardware getting better over the years, there have been some software changes. For example, I don't like the new grafitti, because the strokes are different from what I learned, but you can always get add-ons, like TealPoint, that let you specify what letters should go with what strokes. And there's the on-screen keyboard, but I don't know if you want to get into that, since it means hitting little boxes with your stylus.

When I first started reading this thread, I was wondering about your typing - I find it easier (neater, faster, etc.) than writing myself. In fact, right now, I'm just experimenting with some DOS and Perl scripts that let me keep all of my NAs in a text file. The scripts let me output the ones I'm interested in.

So, I guess that's two options for you: (1) keep everything in palm (with our wirthout synching it to Palm Desktop or Outlook); (2) type everything into a text file and use command line to pull out what you want.

Hope this gives you some ideas :)




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