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2007 Resolutions/Goals

It's almost that time of year again. 2006 is drawing to a close, and I find myself thinking about 2007 and how I can fine-tune my day-to-day activities to align with my bigger goals.

What's everyone else thinking on this sort of thing? Or am I ahead of the game for once? (I usually don't start thinking about this sort of thing until February.)

I might re-listen to Merlin's "Fresh Starts & Modest Changes" podcast series from early 2006.

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Stop smoking "copious amounts of...

Berko;7005 wrote:
Stop smoking "copious amounts of crystal meth." (Sad that I can quote the podcast without relistening to it? Narratim verbatim anyone?)

I think I have two primary goals. My first goal is easy to articulate: lose 40 pounds over the next year. I think that is well achievable if I can get off my @$$...

The second goal is a little more ephemeral and describing what I want to get away from will probably more aptly describe the goal. When I have very much going on at all, I cannot devote enough attention to any one thing. So, for instance, if I realize I need to keep up with my school work better, I end up neglecting other things. When I decide I need to help out more around the house, I end up neglecting school work and other stuff. I never can seem to get a handle on the whole thing at once. Some might say I'm too busy, but I'm sure many of you are much busier than I am. I'm not sure what causes this, but it's one of those things that keeps me from feeling like I am "getting somewhere," even if I don't know where "somewhere" is.

So, that second one might be more of a quest than a goal since I can't even bloody articulate it. At any rate, thanks, Chrome, for starting this thread and getting us looking forward.

All I need to do is "ditto" this. Yes, to the weight loss, which I intend to implement heavily by riding my bike a lot, and diet on a lesser scale. I think I'll do better by increasing my activity level (now that I've discovered how much I love cycling) and being moderate with my food, so that I don't feel deprived.

But the other thing you describe, Berko -- fits me to a T.

I think with me it's ADD related. I have come to the conclusion that in order to drown out everything else that is distracting me, I have to totally focus on one thing to A) motivate myself enough to actually do it, and B) keep it going to completion. It's a combination of the surge of creative energy that comes with "obsession" -- maybe not quite as extreme, but something similar, anyway -- and protecting myself from urges to do other things.

So that I spend all my spare time either reading webpages about the current "thing" to inspire myself and motivate myself, or doing it.

While most other "things" are in the deep background, except for what absolutely must be done to keep day-to-day life going.

I don't like living this way, but am not sure how to change it.




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