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ADD/ADHT/ADT getting tested...

Hi guys,

Quick question for you... I'm thinking about getting tested for ADD etc., and was wondering if there is anything I should know. Particularly in regards to future work employment issues etc. Is there any negatives to getting labelled ADD? I don't want to dig myself into a hole that I might not be able to get out of. I've been functioning fairly well, but I'm pretty sure I know what the outcome of the tests will be. :)

I'm all ears! Hey, let's go ride bikes!

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Hey Michael, Sorry if we get...

Hey Michael,

Sorry if we get off thread here, but it's fun to chat as well. [others, please keep posting about your thoughts on the ADD test and helpfulness of diagnosis... I'm still a bit on the fence...]

About blogging- it's a weird mixture of trying to keep information generalized so that you don't enable ID theives (I've had mine stolen before, not from my blog), and also trying to be a positive contributer as a whole. Of course your "day-to-day" will mix in there as well (you probably caught a large number of posts like that)... those tend to be less interesting for those reading. If you have humor about those posts, that will help make them more interesting for those you're sharing with.

I guess I try to keep the idea that I'm here as a contributor in some sense... otherwise, why would anyone care about my blog at all? :) There must be something in it for them... either a friendship (I may have a few friends reading, I haven't asked them lately), or perhaps common interests, etc. So, I try to take my thoughts/ideas that others may have interest in and put them there in my blog. Some of them I worry about (like my political oriented posts), but I figure at some point I need to be true to my nature as well, and share that a bit with my friends who read it (anyone who reads my blog I have the tendency to call a bit of a friend ;) ).

So, to have anyone say they like the content, Michael, I take as a wonderful complement. Thank you for sharing with me some of my thoughts/ideas.

I will make a quick comment about Peck's book- I'm finding it is now veering far away from time-management type of issues, and going towards more personal mental health and proper issues with love and relationships etc. So, it might be of limited usefulness to those here. BTW, I need to check out The Now book as well! Let me know what you think about it when you've read through it! I'm very interested. :)

About blogging- having two people may help quite a bit. Discuss what types of goals you have for the blog, and what types of content you wish to include, but perhaps a bit more importantly, the content you wish to exclude. Having you both there will really add a lot of content to the posts. In the end, surfers are looking for content of some kind. Artistic, laughs, helpful hints, any type of content. :)

Thanks for kind thoughts, Michael, and for the ADD comments, they both really help me.


ps- sorry, guys, perhaps that should have been a PM to Michael-




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