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What is the best way to organize folders on my computer?

I think this counts as a "productivity" question, because I find myself getting bogged down rummaging through my files trying to find what I need.

In the past I have set a directory structure under My Documents like so:

My Documents

This has changed over the years and I've added to it and have so much stuff in certain places that I can't combine similar items. I don't know what I am really trying to ask. What do you think is the proper, most efficient, way to organize your personal files on a computer? Keep in mind that I don't care about where things are installed. This is strictly about data. So in the example above, my software folder keeps backup disc images of software, games, etc. It also contains downloaded software such as drivers, install files, etc. The audio and video keep mp3s, movies, tv shows and various clips.

If you know of a better way, I'm all ears. How do you organize your files?


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There isn't really one best...

There isn't really one best way or right or wrong way to do it.
I've recently reorganized my whole file system partially to get away from a date based system and to make it more shareable between multiple OS's.
Since your listing the windows default folders I'll list mine from the windows side.
I never cared for Micorosft's way too long of names for "documents and setings\blah\my documents\my pictures" and stuff like that. I partioned my drive and keep all my data on one partition to start with then pointed my user profile there. I then dropped the my from the front of everything making it easier to use command line stuff without haveing to always put " around ethe names due to the space". Then I renamed and moved a lot of the Microsoft default because IMHO pictures, music, video, etc are not documents and therefore do not belong under the "my documents" structure and you typically use something else to manage them as others have mentioned things like picassa, itunes, etc.
So now that I have the profile moved everything looks the same under Linxu or Windows and its on a seperate drive that I copy to a removable drive for backups. If that drive would get messed up in anyway its an easy task to switch over to the backup drive since its all structured the same.
So I have:
ad well as a few other profile related folders
\enine gets mounted under home under linux so its \home\enine\documents etc there.

Under Documents are now actually just documents and divided logically.

Then you furthur divide projects down into whatever project I'm working on so

I've worked as a consultant before so sometimes this has another level like
\documents\customer1\project1 so its a fairly flexible system, since I'm not employed full time for one company I just drop out the client level.

Then when a project is finished the while folder gets moved to \archive
so I have then

then there is a personal folder whith things like my resume, certifications, etc

\reference are documents that I have downloaded that others have created so I can refer to them as needed. Its divided down as necessary.

So putting it all together:


The \enine\Documents\Projects is sort of my inbox then I create a project folder for a new project or file under an existing project.




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