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HDD Folder oranization

How is everyone organizing their electronic data? I started out years ago with MS Outlook and hit the 2G limit early on so I ended up having to archive data monthly which resulted in a folder structure based around monthly archives like this:

. Jan
. Feb
. .
. .
. Dec
. Jan
. Feb

So I started following this structure and would store other files such as bank statements, pictures, invoices, etc in those folders. Problem now is finding anything I have to wait for a search to crawl through all those folders or remember when I did something or have some sort of index to it. I usually end up just hunting through the various years and months looking for what I want rather than keeping an index up to date so I'm looking for better suggestions as to how to organize inportant files.

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Bank statements and such get...

Bank statements and such get filed into a physical filing cabinet. I have cancelled check organizers for receipts (2005 is still lurking around, I always find gas receipts floating around.

I have an archive folder, anything that gets too old (i.e. - I haven't used it in a long time) get thrown in there. I have folders for projects if there are more than three or so documents though I don't have many projects that fit in here, mostly coding.

Here's an example of my My Documents:

\My Documents
                                     \Washington DC
                                                         \Cache Info.doc
                                                         \Ghandi statue.jpg

Here's the coding portion I forgot to mention:

              \Suroden <-- C# mud
              \Dragonsong <-- C# mud client
              \phpgtd <-- my own hacked up system (still thinking about
                               releasing it)

All of those folders are managed by Subversion. Each contains a Changelog and next actions for them are managed in my web based system.




An Oblique Strategy:
Honor thy error as a hidden intention


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