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Merlin's Review of "It's All Too Much" on Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools

Cool Tool: It's All Too Much

As my battle with clutter continues, one of my favorite people (and one of the smartest guys writing for the web, period), Kevin Kelly, noticed my efforts and took note of my affection for Peter Walsh's wonderful book, It's All Too Much.

My review for Cool Tools is indeed adapted from a few posts that originated here, but I think it's worth pointing to because, a) that book has had a huge influence on how I think about my relationship to "stuff," b) I'm honored that KK liked what I'd had to say about it, and c) if you aren't already reading Kevin's sites -- particularly his consistently insightful The Technium column -- you'd do yourself a favor to get acquainted fast. Kevin's the real deal.

I also like what Kevin had to add to the review, regarding the need for an "anti-stuff tool":

Merlin Mann's review turned me onto this fantastic book. We've rethought our household because of it. We were reminded that life is not about stuff; it's about possibilities, which the right tools can enable. For a world of expanding stuff, this book is the necessary anti-stuff tool.

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Can't Wait to Read This

I've got a few others queued up before I'll get to this, but this is an area of my life that could use a refreshing. Between our human instinct to collect and our consumer culture's incessant effort to make you feel that with just a bit more stuff (and the attendant status it promises) you'll finally be a fulfilled human being, this is a tough one to cope with. There is no question in my mind that the more you own, the more you are owned. A thoughtful look at this question is important for we GTDers. Before we make the mistake of organizing a bunch of crap that really doesn't serve our needs, it is a good idea to take a look at what should be on its way some where else. Reminds me of Covey's old saw about making sure the ladder is on the right building before you go patting yourself on the back about how fast you are scurrying up it.

Merlin's review on the page is superb. He's got a way with words




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