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”What’s 43 Folders?”
43Folders.com is Merlin Mann’s website about finding the time and attention to do your best creative work.


Call for ideas: The 43 Folders Geek Gift Guide

Reader Jeff Click emailed to re-remind me of an idea I'd meant to act on last holiday season and never did: the 43 Folders Geek Gift Guide. Whee, presents! I'm also thinking of opening the floor to people who want to write mini-reviews of beloved schwag for use in the guide.

So, assuming a bunch of you are geeks or have a cuddly little geek that you love, what would you like to see covered in the guide? So far I'm thinking:

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Testing the 43F redesign: Report bugs and comments here

I've flipped on this staged version of the site redesign so I can do some testing, iron out some bugs, and see how the load will be handled by WordPress.

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Reminder: Web 1.0 Summit; Wednesday 10/5; House of Shields, SF

Upcoming.org: Web 1.0 Summit at House of Shields (Wednesday, October 5, 2005)

We are confirmed for tomorrow night at House of Shields from 7-9pm.

Damn. Got a feeling there’s going to be a lot of people there. I hope their Geek Insurance is paid up. So looking forward to this.

Be sure to checkout the updated Upcoming page on the Summit for extra details (esp. with regard to our janky A/V capabilities). See you there!

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Web 1.0: <BR> Away!

Web 1.0 Summit: My Garage, San Francisco
Originally uploaded by merlinmann.

Web 1.0 is just around the corner, so iron your New Media Blue™ shirt and recharge your ginormous cellphone, because we’re going public, bitch.

  • Yes, this is an actual event
  • Yes, there may very well be one or two beer-fueled presentations from Web People You’ve Heard Of
  • No, the day and location are not finalized (shooting for House of Shields on Wednesday the 5th)
  • Yes, you have to wear whatever name tag I give you
  • Yes, we probably will pass the hat soon to buy us a waitress and a round or two (as with the meetup of yore)
  • Yes, if your company wants to co-sponsor it (along with 43F and the year 1998), it can (coughAppleAPBloggerOdeoSixapartcough).

So. What remains is to nail down the coordinates. I’m going to a big blow-out on Thursday (the 6th), but I wonder if actual Web 2.0 attendees can clue me to any other major evening events on whose toes we mustn’t step. Spill, please.

Post thoughts and ideas here; watch the Upcoming.org page for news on the final happs.

Like I say, let’s try to make this one better-attended than the last one.

Many thanks to our Web 1.0 sponsors

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Adaptive Path
 MyCereal.com-Level Sponsor
Mule Design Studio
Adaptive Path Mule Design Studio
Pets.com-Level Sponsor
 Kozmo.com-Level Sponsor
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Please subscribe to the fancy Feedburner RSS feed

If you dig reading 43F in RSS or Atom format, please make sure you’re currently subscribed to the FeedBurner link. It looks like this:


That’s a “smart feed” so you’ll apparently get either RSS or Atom depending on your reader’s preferences. Please don’t ask me to explain how this bit of computer magic works; I don’t actually understand how the water gets in my house, so XML is a bit of stretch for me.

Anyhow, if you’re currently getting the feed through the “www.43folders.com” or “merlin.blogs.com” links, please make sure to resubscribe today then you can delete the old feed from your reader. Cuz they ain’t getting updated no more. Handy, one-click subscription buttons follow:

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Beware of falling pixels

Non-RSS visitors may notice a few little changes to 43F's appearance and functionality this morning, including a slight change to the page layout, the addition of a print-friendly style sheet, plus a number of little widgets and finials sprinkled here and there.

Some of the changes are experimental and others are incompletely implemented, so if you are experiencing any visual blips or functional farts, please email “bugs” at this domain. Thanks in advance for your help and forbearance.

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Interesting 43F Stats

Talking blog stats is dull, tacky stuff, so I usually avoid it like the plague. But here’s a couple data points you might find interesting.

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Discounted ad rates on 43 Folders

Advertise on 43 Folders - Due to popular demand (meaning three whole people have asked about it now), I’m offering discounted Summer rates on BlogAds advertising in the 43F siderail. Buy a month of ads and get 10% off. Buy 3 months and get 15% off. Everything must go.

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43F link badges

I’ve had a few requests from readers wanting an easy way to fly the colors of The Mothership on their own weblog (or, “blog”). Cool. So, here are a few little badges for that purpose. You know the drill: just copy the included code, and paste it into your page templates.

(And, thanks to everyone who asked for these!)

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Forged email from this domain

Spam and other nuisance email not coming from 43 Folders.

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An Oblique Strategy:
Honor thy error as a hidden intention


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